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The submission date for the Shark Hero & Friends Drawing Competiton 2018 has ended. The winning set of designs has been shortlisted and will be selected by our professional judges (70%) and public (30%). Your votes are important and may decide the winner for the drawing competition. “Like” as many pieces as you want! Voting is open from Monday May 21st through Sunday June 10th at 11:00pm.

Artist: Adham Fayaaz Shah Bin Kamaruzzaman
Category: Student
"Thor, the Shark's Hero has a robotic fin that has all sorts of power. It gives whatsoever power the shark's hero needs. The Mighty Goat & Fluffy Lamb are his assistants. Whenever he needs help, they use their super power to assist the shark."

(A) Student Category: goo.gl/AXV2e7
(B) Professional Category: goo.gl/ywsnrP

Selected artwork will be uploaded to our campaign websites

Artist: Teo Keai Ping
Category: Professional

WeddingWithoutFins.com and SharkSavers.org.my.

The competition is organised to meet the following objectives:

1. Provide design collaterals for consumers and businesses to use in festive celebrations or weddings. (Can be used as table card, menu, wedding invitation card/e-card, backdrop and etc).

2. Provide a creative avenue for expression in support of shark conservation.

Said Shark Savers Malaysia, “We would like to encourage wedding couples, restaurants, and hotels to make good use of the artwork to send across a firm message about their support for shark conservation. The artwork will also be extended to other collaterals usage by our campaign partners and media friends."

Organiser: SHARK SAVERS Malaysia
Conservation Partner: WWF-malaysia
Campaign Partner: Malaysian Institute Of Art (MIA), Zoobabies, Creative Volts 创意窝, SUS Design Center, 马来西亚星洲日报 Malaysia Sin Chew Daily, 星洲活力副刊, 小星星, 学海