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The key point is not animal rights or ethics; it's sustainability. The shark fin trade is unsustainable, and we stand to lose an animal that is essential to oceanic health.

Shark Savers Malaysia (SSMY) is a non-profit volunteer-led initiative dedicated to saving sharks through building awareness, education, and grassroots action.

Specifically, the agenda is to reverse Malaysia’s position as the world’s 8th largest producer of shark products and 2nd largest importer in volume (Traffic.org report 2017).

About 84% of imported shark fins are still consumed domestically. So while the decreasing consumption trend locally is encouraging, we must continue to push the agenda.

SSMY was formed in 2013 and registered under the Registry of Societies Malaysia in 2016. We are a group of like-minded people from various communities who share the obsession of making the world a better place.

Our end game is a drastic reduction in the trade and consumption of shark fins and to soften the market, reducing the monetary and social value of shark fins in Malaysia and worldwide.

What we do

SSMY has been the Malaysian anchor for the successful global ‘I’m FINished with Fins’ campaign (2013-current)  and a co-coordinator with WWF-Malaysia of the ‘Be a Shark Hero’ (2017-2018) Malaysia campaigns. They also support and work with local and international NGOs in marine and environmental conservation programmes.

Within these campaigns and programmes, we record our actions in the form of the number of Bowls of Shark Fin Soup Saved (see banner).

We are also growing pledges to encourage more Malaysians to say no to shark fins. Helping the cause are VIP ambassadors who have already made this commitment.

So join us!

  • Pledge and volunteer
  • Participate in the current campaign
  • Learn about sharks and shark-finning
  • Spread the word, dispel myths
  • Connect with other Shark Savers on Facebook

Drop us a line or join in the discussion on Facebook.