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San Francisco, CA – WildAid and Shark Savers have merged. Shark Savers’ programs and name joined WildAid’s portfolio of programs to protect endangered wildlife species including elephants, rhinos, and tigers; combining the complementary capabilities of the two organizations and increasing the efficiency of operations.

"We hope to further reduce shark fin consumption by bringing our media and Shark Savers’ grass roots campaigns together and continue our joint work to protect manta rays,” said Peter Knights, WildAid Executive Director.

Shark Savers ‘I’m FINished with Fins’ campaign was launched in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan last year with WildAid, National Geographic, and World Wildlife Fund as partners. WildAid launched the ‘I’m FINished with Fins’ campaign in China in late 2013 building on its ongoing campaign to stem consumption of endangered wildlife.

“We are excited to join WildAid, a highly respected 4-star charity, at a time when it’s vital for us to focus resources and talents to protect the most vulnerable species,” said Michael Skoletsky, Shark Savers’ Executive Director. “We know that we can count on our supporters to join WildAid’s efforts to stop the demand for shark fin soup.”

Skoletsky, together with Shark Savers’ Mary O’Malley, will join WildAid’s Board of Directors and Shark Savers’ Board Chair Wendy Benchley and Board Members Sue Chen and Dr. Ellen K. Pikitch will join WildAid’s International Advisory Board.

In addition to the ‘I’m FINished with Fins’ campaign, Shark Savers’ SharksCount citizen science program and the overall Shark Savers grassroots campaign to protect sharks and rays will continue within the context of WildAid’s Shark program. Shark Savers’ Shark and Ray Sanctuaries program will combine with WildAid’s Marine Protection Program.