‘I’m Finished With Fins’ Seeks 100K Pledges

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Malaysians are urged to stop eating sharkfins at the launch of the Kuala Lumpur launch of 'I'm Finished With Fins'.

Kuala Lumpur, 27 Mar. 2014 – WildAid’s Shark Savers I’m FINished with FINS campaign, backed by over 650 of the world’s most influential celebrities and personalities, was launched today in Kuala Lumpur, in partnership with Mid Valley Megamall, HSBC Bank Malaysia and Malaysian Nature Society.

According to a recent Traffic report, Malaysia is the 8th largest shark catchment country and is ranked 4th for shark fin imports.

More than 150 local Malaysian celebrities and personalities including Amber Chia, Azura Zainal, Sassy Falak, Rina Omar, Dennis Lau, Patrick Teoh, Aireen Omar, and Ahmad Izham Omar committed to cease shark fin soup consumption and to be a part of the campaign’s iconic black and white portrait portfolio.

Organisers now seek 100,000 Malaysians to cease shark fin soup consumption.

Corporations can take the lead by banning sharkfins from their banqueting events, says Shark Savers' Jonn Lu (right), seen here with representatives from corporate pledgers IGB REIT and HSBC Bank.

“By pledging ‘I’m FINished with FINS’, companies in Malaysia can help reduce overall demand by halting shark fin soup consumption in corporate entertainment and in-house banqueting,” said Jonn Benedict Lu, Shark Savers Regional Director for Asia Pacific.

“With over 60 companies committed to that vision here today, I am confident we will help drive down shark fin demand and shark catchment before it is too late. Malaysia’s opinion shapers, including politicians, business leaders, athletes, and celebrities have united to end the shark fin trade in Malaysia.”

Sharks are apex predators, crucial to sustaining balance within our marine ecosystems. If shark populations collapse, other marine species could be adversely affected. Over the last 25 years in Malaysia, it is believed that up to 80% of local shark populations have been depleted.

“Malaysia is home to one of the most beautiful and pristine marine environments in the world. The future of this crown jewel lies in the hands of Malaysians. The time to act is now,” said Andrew Sebastian, Head Communications of Malaysian Nature Society.

Malaysians need to act to protect our beautiful marine environments, says Andrew Sebastian, MNS.

Corporate ambassadors are also lending support to the campaign by donating company resources. Campaign messages will appear on media platforms owned by Media Prima, Red Berry / Malay Mail, and Golden Screen Cinemas.

Lotus Cars Malaysia will also auction a chrome plated ‘Evora’ to raise funds for shark conservation. AirAsia will sponsor all work related travel for Shark Savers staff. Corporate events hosted by these campaign partners will also no longer feature shark fin dishes.

Shark Savers Malaysia also launched the ‘Wedding Crasher’ aimed at reducing shark fin consumption at weddings. Couples who commit to removing shark fin soup from their wedding banquet menus, will have the chance for a celebrity to ‘crash’ and perform at their wedding.

This follows the success of the programme launched in Hong Kong last year with pop superstar G.E.M. The Malaysian edition also promises a star-studded team of ‘wedding crashers’, hoping to encourage more Malaysian Chinese couples to opt for fin-free weddings.

Over 60 corporations in Malaysia have pledged to stop sharksfin consumption.

Shark Savers and its international campaign partners (WWF, Earth Hour, National Geographic Channel, and Nat Geo Wild) are officially supported locally by IGB REIT, HSBC Bank Malaysia, Air Asia, Media Prima (Television Networks), Media Prima (Radio), Media Prima (Digital), Media Prima (Group TV), Redberry, Malay Mail, Durian Asean, The Boulevard - St Giles Premier Hotel, Golden Screen Cinemas, Cite Media, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia, Lotus Cars Malaysia, The One Academy, Yahoo Malaysia, KLCC Aquaria, Silver Ant Sdn Bhd, Silver Ant PPI Sdn Bhd, World Vision Malaysia, The Sun Media Corporation, Diamond & Platinum, Body Fashion (M) Sdn Bhd, Focus Point, OTO Bodycare, Celebrity Fitness (Malaysia), ABN XCESS, F.O.S and F.O.S Kids & Teens, Eclipse, Philosophy-Men, DNP Clothing Sdn Bhd, MPH Bookstores, Sushi King, delicious, Sonic Power Station, Blackmores, Empro, Clarisound, Elianto, Memory Lane, Travel Style, Dragonfly, Dive Station, XIXILI, Shizens, MagicBird Publishing, Dreamwork Events, ORIDEA, RSH Malaysia, Tomei Consolidated Berhad, Padini Holdings Berhad, h2o+, Asian Diver Magazine, and Shunji Matsuo.


About I’m FINished With FINs

I’m FINished With FINs is a grassroots-initiated Singaporean campaign launched by a group of volunteers in 2012. It is currently active in Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Sabah), Taiwan (Taipei), Hong Kong, Macau, China (Beijing, Shanghai) and the Maldives.

Working with international campaign partnerships Shark Savers, WildAid, World Wild Fund for Nature, Earth Hour, National Geographic Channel and NatGeo WILD, IFWF is currently the world’s largest celebrity-led shark conservation campaign, with more than 700+ personalities worldwide championing the cause.

About Shark Savers Malaysia

Shark Savers Malaysia is primarily a volunteer-powered shark conservation group dedicated to saving the world’s dwindling shark populations through awareness, education and action. Today, more than 25,000 volunteers from 99 nations, including Malaysia, share that passion.

I’m FINished with FINs campaign promotes personal choice and responsible consumerism. When consumers help to deflate demand through direct consumer action, shark fisheries, shark fin suppliers and retailers will eventually abandon their unsustainable global hunt for sharks.

About WildAid

WildAid focuses on addressing the human threat to wildlife. Our comprehensive approach includes public awareness campaigns and educational initiatives to reduce consumer demand for wildlife products, and working with communities to support and enforce key protected habitats around the world. WildAid has also defined a comprehensive marine enforcement model that focuses on the law enforcement chain, which encompasses the activities of detection, interception, prosecution, and the sentencing of lawbreakers.